Scraping web page data

The latest addition to the list of data source types supported by Datoris is our "Web Page Table". You can supply an URL and an XPath to the tabular data on that page. Datoris will extract column names, detect their data types, and persist your new data source in the system, to make it reusable. You can then explore and view the data in various ways, using standard analytics methods, and transform it to any of the visualization types available, to share the results with the world.

Scraping weather information hourly

Combined with automated source refreshing, this new data source can be used to monitor website content, wait for content updates, or follow trends. This kind of feature is typically applied for tasks like price and discount monitoring, competitive intelligence, or machine learning.

Current temperature column chart scraped data

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Datoris won third place at the Solution Lab by Independent Journalists' Association of Vojvodina


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