Anomaly Detection

Another important feature just got published: Anomaly detection.

By defining a condition that has to be satisfied and a level of importance, you get a threshold attached to a report field. You can have multiple thresholds at different levels, which means you would be able to have an early warning and a proper alert, on the same field, at different values.

Anomaly detection threshold level and condition

You can then subscribe to a report, schedule it to be automatically generated periodically, and start receiving updates if threshold conditions are met.

Report subscription editing

Imagine tracking some weather forecast data source for example, and receiving notifications about wind speed exceeding 50 km/h (High wind), getting warned if wind speed exceeds 90km/h (Storm), and getting alerted if wind speed exceeds 120km/h (Hurricane).

Less dramatically, it can be used for price tracking, to help decide when is the right time to buy or sell, to monitor a system, a website, or a process.

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Anomaly detection




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